Equine-Assisted Therapeutic Sessions

RDA Singapore is the only charity in Singapore that provides completely free Equine-Assisted Therapeutic Sessions, involving riding, ground and other interaction activities

RDA works with a wide range of disabilities, including physical, developmental, cognitive and learning disabilities, in children and adults. Beneficiaries can gain in areas such as increased self-confidence, motor coordination, core strength and increased capacity for forming bonds and social relationships. Our therapeutic goals are carried out through a variety of programmes and we assess and record impact and improvements. Horses provide a partner for physical therapy and cognitive improvement, in a unique format that is effective and inspiring. Special and meaningful connections are often formed between our equine therapists and the beneficiaries, facilitated by our staff and volunteers.

Besides the physical, learning and interaction benefits to be gained from our programmes, the contact with the horse is a powerful and unique experience, the strong bond that is experienced often has an uplifting effect, and can have the power to change a person's perspective and demeanour, forming new and positive memories.

*All beneficiaries must be certified by a doctor as being able to do the riding activity for sessions involving riding.

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding sessions for children from Special Education (SPED) schools and adults from Social Service Agencies (SSAs) are conducted on weekdays. Each school and SSA is usually allocated a 9 to 10-week course of sessions, allowing the riders to work on the goals and objectives set before the riding starts. goals are reviewed and adjusted with consultation and feedback from the teachers, therapists and/or parents from time to time.

Our therapeutic Riding Programme is also available to children and adults with special needs who come in as individuals instead of through the schools/agencies. These may include working adults, youths or students from mainstream schools who come independently or with family/caregivers.

The wheelchair-user, for example, can "walk" tall on a horse and they can venture outdoors with a high vantage point of the surroundings.
A horse communicates with a non-verbal and withdrawn beneficiary in a way that only the beneficiary can understand.

Beautiful friendships are made and, as many of the beneficiaries will attest to, the sessions are fun!

Ground Programme

This involves activities carried out on the ground, interacting with the horse, horse care, handling and groundwork and also motor skills and cognitive exercises some of which are similar to our Therapeutic Riding Programme. This different format allows different stimulus and opportunity for interaction and learning in a more peer-based environment. This promotes communications, social skills, empathy, confidence and physical activity and is designed around a curriculum to learn basic skills for care and handling of the horse from the ground.

EIPIC Centers, SPED schools, Homes/Hostels, DACs, Charities and organisations working with persons with disabilities that are interested to join/find out more about our therapeutic programmes, please contact us: mail@rdasingapore.org.sg

How To Register

Wait List: up to 6-9 months on average.
Please note that we have more new applicants than available slots.
If you or your child/ward:
  • Is aged 5 or older
  • Weight must be below 60kg
  • Has a Developmental Disability, Sensory Disability and/or Physical Disability

  • Please complete a registration form.