RDA's Committee

RDA Committee (Sep 2022- Sep 2024)

Mr Simon Leong

Simon Leong is the Chairman of RDA, a position he has held since 2018. Simon was elected as a committee member at RDA in 2004. He has served in several roles since, including Honorary Treasurer, then Vice-Chairman from 2007 to 2018. Simon chairs the Risk Management & Governance Sub-Committee at RDA. He previously served in the HR & Finance Sub-Committee for many years. Simon has a strong background and years of experience in senior management, strategic planning, marketing strategy and events management. Simon is currently Chief Product Officer with Singapore Pools.

Chairman - appointed 24/09/18
Vice Chairman - appointed 24/09/07
Honorary Treasurer - appointed 26/09/05
Committee Member - appointed 30/09/04

Mr Justin Boyd

Justin Boyd is the Vice Chairman of the RDA Singapore. He has been actively involved with the RDA for about 12 years - initially as a donor, then the Treasurer and now the Vice Chairman.

He is the Managing Partner, Founder and Co-owner of Mercatis Law Asia LLP, which is regulated in Singapore as a foreign law firm. Justin has over 30 years’ legal and regulatory experience and expertise gained in the commodities and financial markets. He has held legal and regulatory risk positions at investment and commercial banks, commodity trading houses, commodity funds, oil & gas companies and been a partner of an international law firm in London. He is qualified as a solicitor in England and as a registered foreign lawyer in Singapore.

Vice Chairman - appointed 24/09/18
Honorary Treasurer - appointed 30/09/15

Honorary Secretary
Ms Cindy Quek

Cindy Quek is the Honorary Secretary at RDA and has served in the role since 2011. She started volunteering with RDA helping with the therapeutic sessions since 1999 and was elected into the committee in 2006 as a committee member. She chairs the Horses, Programmes & Services Sub-Committee and is a volunteer instructor for Saturday sessions. Cindy is a Partner with Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP practising Banking & Finance law. She is a member of the Singapore Law Society and Singapore Academy of Law.

Honorary Secretary - appointed 19/08/11
Committee Member - appointed 25/09/06

Honorary Treasurer
Ms Emma Jarman Jones

Emma Jarman-Jones is the Honorary Treasurer at RDA. She has served as a committee member since 2013 on the HR & Finance Sub-committee and started volunteering at RDA in 2009. Emma is a Training Consultant for EJJ training & development and is an adjunct lecturer at NTU, Nanyang Business School and SMU.

Honorary Treasurer - appointed 30/09/22
Committee Member - appointed 23/09/13

Committee Members
Mr Ee Kuo Ren

Ee Kuo Ren is a committee member at RDA and has been serving since 2020 in the Fund-Raising and PR Sub-Committee. Kuo Ren has a strong background in Events Management and Business Development, 5 years managing various portfolios within the Financial sector, sitting on various advisory boards ranging from schools, grassroots, and various charities. He is CEO at his own company Cerebral, a company dedicated to the pursuit of bringing the best right brain education to children.

Committee Member - appointed 29/09/20

Ms Wanda Wang

Wanda Wang has served on RDA’s committee since Sept. 23, 2013 and chairs the PR & Fundraising Sub-Committee. She started volunteering at RDA’s therapeutic riding program since high school in 2004. Wanda manages the light ends products team at S&P Global Commodity Insights, which consists of pricing and news reporting for Asia & Middle East LPG, gasoline and naphtha markets based in Singapore.

Committee Member - appointed 23/09/13

Ms Daphne Ong

Daphne Ong Hui Wen is a member of the committee at the Riding for the Disabled Association Singapore, a position she held since 2014. She started volunteering with the organization since 2011 and now heads the Volunteering and Training Sub-Committee for the organization since 2019. She has a Masters in Conservation and Biodiversity and is a strong advocate for environmental and social causes. She currently does conservation advocacy through a local non-governmental organization, Singapore Wildcat Action Group. She also has a background in real estate, construction and retail, and runs her own businesses.

Committee Member - appointed 22/09/14

Mrs Julie Ovidi

Julie Ovidi has been a committee member at the RDA since 2018 and has contributed to the Horse, Programmes & Services Sub-Committee as well as the PR & Fundraising Sub-Committee. Julie has been volunteering at RDA and other therapeutic riding programs since 2010. Julie is a long term horse owner and horse welfare advocate. Julie has held senior roles in a number of Government Departments in Australia as well as working in private practice. More recently Julie has been working in Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Stakeholder Relations for an IT Start Up Company. Julie is the Vice President of the Riders Club Singapore and sits on sub-committees of the Equestrian Federation of Singapore.

Committee Member - appointed 24/09/18

Ms Jessamine A. Ihrcke

Jessamine Ihrcke is a committee member at RDA and was elected into the committee since 2016. She has been volunteering in the Horses, Programmes & Services Sub-Committee and Volunteering and Training Sub-Committee. Jessamine is managing director and founder of her own equine-related business called THERIS, which stands for Therapeutic And Educational Riding In Singapore. She has a long and extensive background in Equine Assisted Therapy having previously worked as the Operations Manager at the Riding for the Disabled Association Hong Kong and as an Instructor at RDA.

Committee Member - appointed 26/09/16

Mrs Supriya Sen

Supriya Sen's most recent appointment to the Committee was on 1 November 2022 as a committee member. She previously served as Treasurer and in the HR & Finance Sub-committee of RDA. Supriya’s professional background is in management consultancy, banking and finance, and as board director of non profits as well as listed and private companies. She has a bachelors degree in engineering and an MBA with specialisation in finance .

Committee Member - appointed 1/11/22
Treasurer - appointed 29/09/20
Committee Member - 24/09/18

Mrs Malavika Vaidya

Malavika Vaidya started volunteering at RDA since 2004. She has been actively assisting in the therapeutic sessions in various roles since including coordinator, leader and sidewalker. She has also helped in many fund-raising events. Malavika first joined the committee as a committee member from 2013 to 2015. She was later a Co-opted Committee member from 2018 to 2019 and has been serving in the Volunteering and Training Sub-Committee since. She has been elected into the Committee since 2020 and is currently a committee member.

Committee Member - appointed 29/09/20
Co-Opted Member - appointed 24/09/18
Committee Member - appointed 23/09/13

Ms Harini Venugopal

Harini Venugopal was appointed to the Committee in November 2022. She also joined the HR & Finance Sub-committee. Harini has a strong background in HR and is currently heading the full HR spectrum in a pharmacogenomics company.

Committee Member - appointed 1/11/22

Risk Management & Governance Sub-Committee

1. Mr Simon Leong - Head of Sub-Committee
2. Mr Justin Boyd
3. Ms Emma Jarman-Jones

HR & Finance Sub-Committee

1. Mr Justin Boyd - Head of Sub-Committee
2. Ms Emma Jarman-Jones
3. Ms Harini Venugopal

Fund-Raising & PR Sub-Committee

1. Ms Wanda Wang - Head of Sub-Committee
2. Mrs Julie Ovidi
3. Mr Ee Kuo Ren

Horse & Programme Sub-Committee

1. Ms Cindy Quek - Head of Sub-Committee
2. Ms Jessamine A. Ihrcke
3. Mrs Julie Ovidi
4. Ms Wanda Wang

Volunteer & Training Sub-Committee

1. Ms Daphne Ong - Head of Sub-Committee
2. Ms Jessamine A. Ihrcke
3. Mrs Malavika Vaidya
4. Ms Wong Tin Kam Kathy

*Reasons why some committee members have served for more than 10 years consecutively in the Committee: 1) The Constitution of RDA, Regulation 8(f) provides that "there shall be a maximum term limit of ten consecutive years for at least [one-half] of the Committee [unless there are not enough nominees standing for election]" 2) RDA involves equine assisted programmes and working with horses/equines requires specialised equine experience/knowledge so as to ensure a good standard of care and operations as well as certain amount of continuity for RDA.

RDA's Staff

Who's who on the ground at RDA!

General Manager

Gerard Sivalingam - Gerard is the General Manager for the RDA Singapore since joining RDA 19 December 2022. He oversees the day-to-day operations and staff management and is responsible for keeping the centre aligned towards its vision and mission. He graduated with a B.Sc in Accounting & Finance from the University of London and has 10 years of administrative and finance experience within the equine industry in Singapore. With a passion to serve, he hopes to take RDA to new heights!

Admin Manager

Elsie Tan


Hazrin Chong Bin Abdullah

Haifitri Bin Jusri

Volunteer & Admin Coordinator

Siti Haslina Binte Mohamad Hilmi

Community Partnership Executive

Karen Lim

Yard Manager

Nicola Wong

Stable Supervisor

Gunasegaran A/L Rajakumaren

Stable Hand

Salamat Bin Pardi

Naresh Kumar s/o Ravisandran

Ravikumar s/o Parmasoom

Rubben A/L Krushnan @ Krishnan

Ragunathan Rajakumaren
*Disclosure: For financial year ending June 2021 and to date, no paid staff of RDA are close members of the family of the executive head or committee members of RDA.