Meet Our Therapy Horses & Ponies


Check out some of the four-legged stars of our programme, these therapy horses and ponies work hard in providing the people with disabilities with therapy and enjoyment.
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A sweet pony with quite a past before being donated to RDA -- and so steady she used to do flaming tenpegging! Amorcita is a dependable and well-loved therapy horse by volunteers and riders. Her polite and pleasant character gives confidence to volunteers and beneficiaries that work with her, and she is a true asset to RDA's therapy program.

Del Monte

This golden colored German mare came to Singapore in 2011 and worked as a riding school pony for most of her life. She's had a mid-life career change into a therapy pony after being adopted by RDA on 1 Jan 2022, and is a favorite of many children because of pretty features and small size!


Our little bearded lady - seriously! Her little moustache is less obvious now that she's shed her winter coat after moving to tropical Singapore, but Freda is still the furriest of them all!


This cute little piebald cob (yes, little, he only looks big here coz he chonky) literally sparks joy with his curious and kind demeanor. Rhino is contemplating a foray into social media due to his growing fan following ... someone tell him that is rather different from social work!