Meet Our Therapy Horses & Ponies


Check out some of the four-legged stars of our programme, these therapy horses and ponies work hard in providing the people with disabilities with therapy and enjoyment.
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A sweet pony with quite a past before being donated to RDA--She was the only horse to have done flaming tenpegging in Singapore! She is a dependable and well-loved therapy horse by volunteers and riders.


A lovable gentle giant, Tenzing was donated to RDA after a long and successful racing career--he was a 5 time winner on the race track! Tenzing is a bay gelding and one of the tallest in the barn at 16 hands high. He is a Thoroughbred from New Zealand and his birthday is 29 October 2006.

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This is his third career! He was a race horse, then a dressage horse and now a therapy horse. He won Horse of the Year in 2013, and arrived at RDA on an interesting date: 11 April '11.