Meet Our Therapy Horses & Ponies


Check out some of the four-legged stars of our programme, these therapy horses and ponies work hard in providing the people with disabilities with therapy and enjoyment.
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A sweet pony with quite a past before being donated to RDA -- and so steady she used to do flaming tenpegging! Amorcita is a dependable and well-loved therapy horse by volunteers and riders. Her polite and pleasant character gives confidence to volunteers and beneficiaries that work with her, and she is a true asset to RDA's therapy program.


The cutest pony in Singapore? With her doe like eyes and swan white coat, Glow takes the cake on that one! She's one of the smallest ponies in the RDA barn and is a great fit for the younger, tiny sized riders. Glow is from Australia and is best friends with another mare, Jaycee.


Notice that white cataract in her eye? She's visually impaired in her right eye. Culcuta has recently gone back into playing polo after a stint as a therapy horse at RDA. She's a great inspiration for being able to find a working role despite her visual impairment. Culcuta's motto is "My Ability is STRONGER than my Disability"


This friendly gentleman is another ex-racehorse who has flourished with his second chance at life in RDA. A versatile horse who is also used for competitions by our independent disabled riders, he's been a hardworking therapy horse serving the disabled community for 15 years!